The service part of the FintechOS Platform enables you to service the financial products that you define using features under Launch. By servicing, you can set up loan and distribution, policy administration, subledger, claims management, billing and collection.

Distribution Management

Use FintechOS Platform to manage third-party agreements, the linkage of contracts to third-parties, and the configuration of the commissioning processes through dedicated menus:

Loan Management

You can manage records and processes during the life of the business relation with a customer, may it be on lending with underlying limits and collaterals, minimum current accounts capabilities, or credit facilities.

Policy Administration

The FintechOS Platform provides capabilities to support your back-office policy administration for the usual life cycle of a contract after its issuance. You can alter a policy in order to adjust the insurance contract to a customer's need, manage renewals and multi-object/person contracts, lapse, and cancel policies.


Subledger logs, along with a company’s financial transactions, details that enable the system to build ledger entries, allowing you to aggregate financial data in a single source of truth for your analysis, reports, or financial statements.

Claims Management

Claims Management is comprised of a series of automated business steps that users follow through, from registering loss notifications, documenting claims, validating claims to, if approved, scheduling payments, in a timely and accurate manner. It also allows the insurer to maintain a constant communication with the insured.

Billing & Collection

The Billing and Collection solution enables insurance companies to effectively speed up their quote-to-cash journey by automating routines unique to billing and collection processing - including direct debit, along with offering a series of digital journeys that flawlessly guide users through their manual operations - such as completing payment allocations, importing bank statements files or introducing a new payment request, in a timely and accurate manner.

Define Service Extension Apps

The FintechOS Platforms allows you to use app data forms to create digital apps with flexible navigation for middle and back office operations. App data forms provide the opportunity to create a digital app with flexible navigation for middle and back office operations, by using tabs for organizing the form.

Compared to the form drive flow, the app data form allows you to navigate freely between tabular forms, without the need of navigation buttons or a flow map.