FintechOS Release Notes

The FintechOS Platform simplifies and accelerates the launching, servicing, and expansion of financial products and services. It comes with tools and capabilities for creating personalized products and journeys, connecting to third party services, tracking the financial performance of the products you define.

The platform consists of FintechOS Studio and Portal for creating and launching journeys, solutions for designing banking and insurance products, tools for enhancing your digital journeys, connectors and accelerators, as illustrated on the website.

As showcased in the Getting Started guide, the FintechOS Platform capabilities fall into the four categories: Launch, Service, Expand, and Fintech Operating System.

  • Launch features enable you to create and launch financial products to your customers. You can define your financial products, be them loans, credit cards, insurance policies, create customized customer journeys, integrate accelerators and connectors, and use analytics to monitor the financial impact of your products.

  • Service tools enable you to service the financial products that you define using features under Launch. By servicing, you can set up loan and distribution, policy management, operational ledger, claims management, billing and collection.

  • Expand capabilities help you win, engage, and grow customers with personalized, end-to-end customer journeys that engender trust, from onboarding to servicing.

  • Fintech Operating System comes with features shared across the platform such as working with data, task management, embedded automation, and more. This also includes capabilities across non-functional areas such as performance, security, and availability.

Each release of the FintechOS Platform comes with new capabilities or fixes for all or some of its components. Therefore, the release notes are organized in such a way that one main release note describes the new release as a whole with links for dedicated release note for each component. For example, the FintechOS 22.R3 release notes contains short business descriptions of the new features, together with links to dedicated detailed technical release notes for each component.

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The detailed FintechOS release strategy together with the support plan can be found on the Release cadence page.