Customer-centric platform for banking, using pre-built functionality and low-code capabilities to control major banking processes and products with Core Banking, manage operations with Operational Ledger, and more.


Core Banking

Control the major banking processes and configurations that support your banking products, such as risk exposure, collateral, user groups, or deposits.

Third-Party Management

Bring an extra layer of complexity to your Core Banking system by integrating third-party entities management capabilities.

Operational Ledger

Manage accounting records within this accounting module integrated with Core Banking.


Cover one of the most critical parts of the underwriting process within financial institutions: data collection and initial risk assessment.

Single Customer View (Legal Entities)

Collect, aggregate, and process banking customers' data for legal entities using this central hub.

Single Customer View (Private Individuals)

Collect, verify, and process customer personal information for easy access to their profile and accelerate the onboarding process.

Online and Mobile Banking

Create transfers within seconds throughout the world, pay utility bills, and activate users.