Service financial products defined and launched with the Product Factory, use Proposal Configurator to configure special offers, Policy Admin to manage policies and contracts, Claims Admin to define and collect claim requirements, process insurance premium payments with Billing and Collection, and track changes of reinsurance contracts with Reinsurance Admin.


Policy Admin

Control major insurance processes and issue insurance contracts. Automate behavioral nuances for each insurance product type and version through relevant administrative processes.

Proposal Configurator

Configure compliant special offers and segmented customer aligned product propositions, create individually priced products, and benefit offerings to specific audiences.

Claims Admin

Automatically define and collect claim requirements, analyze cases, validate claims, and manage reimbursements.

Reinsurance Admin

Track changes of your reinsurance contracts portfolio and organize the updated information in an efficient manner.

Billing and Collection

Process insurance premium payments, including payments returns and partially allocated payments, and allocate them to the corresponding insurance policies.

Agency Management

Manage and configure an agency and its organizational hierarchy.

Insurance Master

Easily manage all the insurance solutions from this foundational layer. It controls major insurance processes and configurations, and it is a mandatory install.