FintechOS products are aimed at digitizing and improving the infrastructure of banking and insurance companies, while delivering digital solutions to end-customers. Such solutions meet the needs of customers by offering a digital way for onboarding new customers, creating current accounts, offering loans and mortgages online and in an assisted manner, without having customers make appointments at brick-and-mortar bank branches. Similarly, using FintechOS solutions, customers looking to contract either property and casualty or life and health types of insurance can do so in a customer journey designed with FintechOS.


Specifically for types of industries, FintechOS offers a set of capabilities for banking and insurance companies. These packages have functionalities aimed at the two industries, providing several configurations depending on the banking or insurance product to be offered to the public. Capabilities that aim to meet the needs of banking companies are gathered under the Lighthouse term, while those for insurance under Northstar.

  • Banking: Retail Banking and SME Banking.
  • Insurance: General Insurance, Life Insurance, Health Insurance.


FintechOS technology is addressed to consultants and developers alike. The platform itself aims towards low-code capabilities, but it is worth noting that software development knowledge is needed in order to achieve complex and highly customized results.

The HPFI is comprised of a number of technologies, interconnected to provide the necessary tools for creating such customer journeys, or for offering bank services to customers online.

To be able to design customer journeys for banking and insurance, HPFI is comprised of a number of products, most specifically Innovation Studio, a low-code/pro-code development application that also includes a Portal, for previewing journeys, applying custom styling and offering banking or insurance journeys in a friendly UI.

While Innovation Studio is a low-code platform, for creating full-fledged and complex customer journeys, the help of some code must be employed in the form of APIs, Client and Server SDKs, all documented with examples in specific user or developer guides.

Modularity and Reusability

Modularity is important, therefore capabilities for video streaming, face recognition, generation of contracts, campaign management and more are added on top of Innovation Studio, offering the possibility of customizing journeys, generating documents, scanning IDs, performing video calls, managing campaigns and personas, signing documents electronically, performing face recognition to check if the scanned documents belong to the applicant and many more. All of these components are known as Automation Blocks or Processors. Some of them are built into Innovation Studio, while others are offered separately.

Lastly, while most HPFI capabilities have the end goal of creating customer journeys, there are also a number of solutions that can be customized following the instructions provided in the documentation.


Glossary of Terms