Automation Blocks

Pre-built functionalities that can be included in customer journeys to create advanced solutions to meet customer needs.

User Guide

Detailed instructions for using Automation Blocks.

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Installation Instructions

Step-by-step instructions on how to install each package available with the current release of Automation Blocks.


OCR and Identity Validation

Computer Vision

Automatically populate entity records in your customer journeys with text extracted from document scans or photos using OCR technology.


Validate a user's identity by checking the authenticity of the submitted identity document.


Automatically validate identity documents and populate entity records in your FintechOS applications with text extracted from document scans or photos.

Face Recognition and Video

Face Recognition

Validate individual's identity by comparing ID / Driving License or any other picture that was uploaded during the OCR process, with the selfie.

Video Streaming

Provide customers and video call center operators with a guided, predefined process to complete the customer identity verification and provide additional advisory.


Shared video sessions for your customer operations allowing your consultants to guide customers along their digital journeys in real-time.

Document Signing

Digital Documents Processor

Automatically generate dynamic, personalized, and accurate essential business documents (including customized contracts and agreements) by merging real-time data.

eSign Processor

Allow your customers to electronically sign digital documents. Turn documents into sealed, tamper-evident PDFs with qualified electronic signatures.

Campaign Management

Omnichannel Campaigns

Create effective and user-tailored ways of interacting with the customer. Automate completely personalized campaigns.

Omnichannel Communication Automation

Handle email delivery and track real-time email events directly from within HPFI.

Personalized Content Management

Manage intuitive omni-channel content templates that can be personalized with dynamic tokens.

Task Management

Task Management

Allocate, prioritize, and oversee workflows that operate with tasks.