Manage Invoices

Invoices are constantly generated into the system for all of the policies that include insurance products in Active status. Once a new policy is issued, installment records are automatically generated for that policy in accordance with the policy's appended installment schedule. Issuing an invoice for every installment on that policy is based on the date parameters set at the product level and the policy settings with regard to premium payments, such as the installment schedule.

For details about invoice settings at the product level, consult the Insurance Product Factory documentation.

An invoice generation job runs daily within the system, verifying all the installments on policies and their payment schedules, for all the insurance products that are in Active status. This job generates invoices for all the qualifying installments, taking into account specific billing settings, at policy and product level. When you double-click a record from the Invoices section, in order to manage an invoice, you launch the Invoice Form. This form allows you to remove any installment that was placed there incorrectly. It also allows you to see details about the invoice and the premiums paid, if the case.

The workflow for invoices is given below: