Accounting Entry

Manage the accounting entries generated from the operation transaction and the operation transaction value records in the Accounting Entry menu.

Creating Accounting Entries

  1. In FintechOS Portal, click the main menu > General Ledger > Accounting Entry menu item to open the Accounting Entries List page.

  2. Click the Insert button to create an accounting entry.

  3. Fill in the following fields:

    • Accounting Date: Enter the date of the accounting entry line.

    • Accounting Value: Enter the value of the entry.

    • Debit Partner: Select the debit partner.

    • Credit Partner: Select the credit partner.

    • Debit Account: Select the debit account.

    • Credit Account: Select the credit account.

    • Analytic Debit Account Code: Enter the code of the analytic debit account.

    • Analytic Credit Account Code: Enter the code of the analytic credit account.

    • Currency: Select the currency of the accounting entry line.

    • Exchange rate: Enter the exchange rate of the accounting entry line.

    • Equivalent Value: Enter the value after the exchange rate has been applied.

    • Item: Select the accounting registration item.

    • Description: Enter the description of the accounting entry.

  4. Click the Save and close button.

You can add, delete, or export accounting entries.