Manage Unallocated Payments

In the Billing & Collection menu, Unallocated Payments is the section where you can see all the payments, incoming or outgoing, that the system was unable to automatically allocate. For example, a policyholder made a payment without indicating the installment number or the policy number and the system does not have the necessary details in order to link (allocate) that paid amount to any registered installment. You can also find Partially Allocated payments in this list.

  1. To view the unallocated payments records, in FintechOS Portal, go to Main Menu > Billing & Collection > Unallocated Payments.

    Unallocated Payments

  2. Double click a record to inspect it.


The details of a payment record are not editable. You can only (partially or entirely) allocate, deallocate or return the payment. When the payment is fully allocated, the record changes its business status to Closed.

In this grid, the Return button is active for every incoming payment record. Click Return to launch the flow for the payment. More details, in the Outgoing Payment Requests section.

The form types that you can find in this list are described below:

Learn about how to allocate, deallocate and return payments by accessing the pages below: