Manage Outgoing Payment Requests

For some of your recurring outgoing payments scenarios, you can configure Billing & Collection to automatically approve and allocate those types of outgoing payments. For other scenarios, you have an outgoing payment request manual approval flow that lets you propose, approve or decline such requests, according to your needs.

With Billing & Collection you can effortlessly manage payment requests received from different sources or systems - such as Claim payments, Commission, Broker Balance (Credit), etc. See some examples below.

Payment requests are automatically registered into your system when you use the Bank Statements functionality to upload your bank statement files. Your import triggers the automatic parsing, sorting and matching of the Payment data - contained by the file, with the Outgoing Payments already configured or scheduled by you - such as broker commissions. For payment requests that respect some rules, such as providing the correct unique identifier for a broker or the number of the policy under brokerage, the allocation flow for the outgoing payment is completely automated. After import, you can find all the new outgoing payments into the Outgoing Payment Requests section. You can recognize the automatically allocated outgoing payments by their Paid business status. If necessary, you can open a record to see the paid amount. More details about how the system does the sorting of the received payment data, in the Import Bank Statements documentation.

The Outgoing Payment Requests section is also the place where you go to manually insert a request for an outgoing payment into the system, when needed.