Dashboards and Reports

Loan Management facilitates user interaction with a series of in-built dashboards and reports. According to their specific destination, they aid the bank employees in their daily tasks, displaying important, up-to-date information on the statuses of different contracts, events, limits, needed approval tasks, generating reports or offering easy navigation through a button to record creation pages.

These dashboards can be accessed from the FintechOS Portal's Home page in accordance with each user's specific access rights.

The following dashboards and reports come along with your Loan Management package:

  • Contracts - displays a list of the contracts along with a pie-chart specifying the number of contracts in each business status, a list of contract approval requests and a button to access the Add Contract page.

  • Customer Limits - displays a list of the existing customer limit records, a list of the customer limit approval requests and a button for adding new customer limits.

  • Soon to Expire Overdrafts - displays a list of contracts based on current accounts with overdraft banking products whose overdraft functionality is about to expire.

  • Credit Facility Dashboard - displays a list of the credit facility records along with a pie-chart specifying the number of credit facilities in each business status, separate lists of credit facility approval requests, utilizations and utilizations approval requests, and a button to access the Create Credit Facility page.

  • Reports - contains links to a series of reports such as repayment notifications past due, collaterals in default, limits, closure of contracts, future installments or past due installments.

  • Records To Be Purged - displays the list of records in Draft status that are scheduled to be deleted at the current day's end, grouped on tabs specific for each transaction type: disbursement, early repayments, top-ups, early termination for deposits, loan contracts, payment holidays, reschedule overdue, withdraws, transfers, returned amount or goods, or agreements. Also displays tabs with agreement records in Draft status that are scheduled to be purged.

  • DLQ Messages - the dead letter queue dashboard stores messages about the requests that the Async Engine could not process for any reason and allows you to send them for reprocessing.

  • Back-Office Dashboard - focuses on improving the experience and productivity of Loan Admin Officer users in their day-to-day tasks, displaying important notices, KPIs and metrics, overview information about contracts, customers, limits, collaterals, credit facilities, third-party agreements, transactions, as well as an integrated journal for keeping notes and files meaningful for their work.