Personalize Journeys

Personalization is one of the main characteristics of FintechOS solutions, allowing companies to launch products and services aimed at each customer's specific needs. Using personalization tools, you can customize the user's experience at every step, create data-driven, personalized products and pricing that customers can easily subscribe in a journey adapted to their own needs and context. Furthermore, you can create effective and user-tailored ways of interacting with the customer through personalized content management to be used when setting up campaigns. Using personalization, you can launch differentiated products distributed through highly contextualized journeys.

Task at hand

For example, if your company wants to offer a personalized loan origination experience to their customers who also like to travel, you could begin by adapting one of the existing FintechOS data models to accommodate information related to a customer's option about traveling. Then, you could define the customer persona to whom the loan would be offered to contain such customers. You can also adapt your existing products to be available only to such globetrotter customers, and for a special price offer. Such customers might navigate through a customized flow within your digital journey, maybe even shortening their path. Finally, manage your campaigns to send these customers personalized content, improving your interaction with them.

Find below instructions on how to personalize your customer journeys. Keep in mind that these are explained for Innovation Studio v22.1.

After following the above stages, you should have a highly personalized journey for your customers, thus improving your customer relations and business outcomes.

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