Personalized Content Management

The Hyper-personalization Automation processor empowers you with the ability to create effective and user-tailored ways of interacting with the customer. It can also be customized to better suit your needs if information should be extended to a desired communication channel.

FintechOS grants access to intuitive omni-channel content templates that can be personalized with dynamic tokens.

The Hyper-personalization Automation provides the following main content management features:

  • Improved usability, with user interface complemented by tips & tricks and usage guidelines;
  • Remaining characters counter based on defined message length;
  • Tokens available for multiple data sources, available for insert directly in the context of the content template;
  • Formatted tokens for numeric and date fields based on content culture;
  • Approval workflow for managing content templates authoring;
  • Preview messages exceeding the allowed length, during campaign simulation.

This section provides information on how to configure and use the personalized content features to their fullest extent:

You might have communication channels to which you need to send more information to be used on the destination. You can do so by extending the app. For information on how to do this, see Extend Personalized Content Management.