Extend Personalized Content

You might have communication channels to which you need to send more information to be used on the destination. You can extend the personalized content with the following types of information:

  • Statics – The values are added on content item and are persisted with the same values when a campaign uses the content.
  • Dynamics – On content item level, the user will add information as tokens and the values are composed from audience at runtime moment (when a campaign is launched).

In order to extend the information on a desired communication channel (add extended properties), you need to add in message a generic attribute formatted as key/value pairs.

To extend the information on a desired communication channel, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new entity and add all the needed attributes. We recommend you to use the following naming convention: FTOS_CMB_CommChannel_[channel name].
  2. NOTE  
    The new entity should meet the following prerequisites:
    • Contains at least one attribute lookup to ebs.FTOS_CMB_ActionTemplateContent named contentItemId.
    • Static attributes are added as standard entity attributes.
    • Dynamic attributes are added as lookup to FTOS_CMB_ContentToken.
  3. On the desired communication channel, choose the newly created entity as value for extendedPropertiesEntityId.
  4. On the content item, if the selected channel is the one that you set up, add all the desired values to be used by campaigns.

On the FTOS_DPA_MessageQueue entity, you will find for each message which uses the below channel, an attribute named ChannelProviderParams with all key/value pairs.