Single Customer View 3.3

August 5th, 2022

This major release of Single Customer View, that is fully compatible with HPFI 22.1.1, brings new features to the Private Individuals module. The customer's profile has been enhanced to include information essential in banking or insurance scenarios. In addition, new customer data can be easily accessed through the Dashboard tab. From here, you have access to an overview of the customer's profile and also navigate through it by using interactive widgets.

What's New

Interactive Dashboard

Starting with this version, you can access the customer's profile and navigate to specific data by using the interactive widgets from the Dashboard tab such as general contact information, transaction history, if the customer or the account is flagged under any circumstance (politically exposed person, embargo list, terrorist list, etc.) and so on.

The following widgets have been added to the Private Individuals module:

  • Profile Completion: displays the total completion percentage of the customer's profile.
  • Preferred Channels : displays the customer's preferred communication channels such as phone call, text message, email, letter, or video call.
  • Product Suggestion: displays products and services best suited for the customer's needs.
  • Account Flags: displays the warning flags set at the customer's account level.
  • Product Portfolio: displays the customer's product portfolio at account level.
  • Quick Actions: displays the cards, loans, mortgages, and savings product categories.
  • Pending Activities: displays pending activities related to the customer's account.
  • Recent Interactions: displays the customer's three most recent interactions.
  • Profitability: displays the customer's net and gross profit and their share of wallet indicating how profitable the customer is for the financial institution.
  • Risk Profile: displays the customer's risk profile such as credit score and risk class.
  • Transactions: displays an evolution of the incoming and outgoing transactions from the last 12 months, including the current month.
  • Revenues: displays the evolution of the customer's incomes over the last 12 months.
  • Client Lifecycle: displays the customer's purchase history of products and services purchases.

For additional information on this topic see the Dashboard page.


This version introduces the Analytics tab, where you can easily filter customer payment information through the Charts, Pivot, and Indicators tabs. This feature helps you gain better insight into the customer's profile and also determine customer engagement.

Filter through incoming and outgoing transactions evolution, analyze transactional data at the customer's account level, or customize the data viewed based on your needs.

For additional information on this topic see the Analytics page.

New Customer Profile Data Tabs

In addition to the Dashboard and Analytics tabs mentioned above, the Private Individuals module has been enhanced to include the below customer data.


The Compliance tab displays general know your customer (KYC) information in regards to the customer's source of funds, risk class, public function, or if they appear on a blacklist, terrorist list, and so on. This data is relevant to ensure that all financial laws, policies and regulations are kept.

Read more about this on the dedicated Compliance page.


The Documents tab displays the documents linked to the customer's account, such as agreements, contracts, statements, identity cards, ANAF consent, Terms and Conditions, loan agreements, and so on.

Read more about this on the dedicated Documents page.

New Update ID Card Button

To easily update customer's identity documents, the Update ID Card button has been added in the Identity Cards section of the Profile tab. For additional information, see the Profile page.


Product Portfolio Tab

This release brings improvements on the Product Portfolio tab, which has been restructured to better reflect the available banking products at customer's account level. The following sections are now available:

  • Assets Products: contains information about term loans, credit cards, overdraft (current account with overdraft)
  • Liabilities Products: displays a retail customer's liability products. Liabilities are usually sums of money that a person owns which can include current accounts, deposits, or savings accounts.
  • Cards: displays the customer's payment cards issued by a financial institution that allows the cardholder to use it to pay for goods and services.
  • Digital Channels: displays the different digital banking channels related to the customer's account.
  • Standing Orders: displays the customer's set automatic payments.
  • Direct Debit: displays the customer's direct debits set on their account.

Read more about this on the dedicated Product Portfolio page.