Banking Product Factory 3.3

August 5th, 2022

This release of Banking Product Factory comes with changes needed to support the new Core Banking v3.3, such as the automated settlement of repayment notifications, improved validations for the collection type interest rates, and the possibility to associate transaction types directly at the banking product type level. The Banking Product Factory APIs were reworked and all the existing endpoints are compatible with the OpenAPI 3.0 standard. Note that you have to tweak your existing API integrations as described in the Breaking Changes section of this page.

Banking Product Factory v3.3 is fully compatible with HPFI v22.1.1.

New Features

Automated Settlement of Repayment Notifications at Banking Product Level

You can now manage the automated settlement of repayment notifications for contracts directly at the banking product level, by turning on or off the functionality from the Direct Debit Settlement Account field located in the Lean Core Settings tab.


Interest Rate Collections Validations at Banking Product Approval

A series of additional validations were implemented into Banking Product Factory when a banking product with a Collection type interest attached to it goes through a status change from Draft or Version Draft to Approved. Read more about these validations on the Interests page.

Transaction Types for Banking Product Types

You can associate transaction types directly at the banking product type level, using the newly added Transaction Types section. See detail on the Banking Product Types page.

Fixed Issues

  • We fixed an error occurring when you tried to duplicate a banking product with product availability item filters.

  • The FTOS_BP_GetInterestListDetail, FTOS_BP_GetInterestDetail, FTOS_BP_GetProductInterestCommissionList, and FTOS_BP_GetCommissionListDetail endpoints didn't return any results for interests with Banking Formula type.

  • We solved an error that prevented you to duplicate a banking product in Draft status.

Breaking Changes

All our Banking Product Factory endpoints were reworked and are now compatible with the OpenAPI 3.0 standard. Make sure you update your integrations accordingly, changing the authentication request, placing the received bearer token into the Authentication header of each request, and updating the endpoint request syntax as described in the new Banking Product Factory Developer Guide.

Please note that the following endpoints' output variables were changed to comply with the upper camel case naming convention:

  • FTOS_BP_CalculateRepaymentSchedule

  • FTOS_BP_GetBankingProductByCode

  • FTOS_BP_GetDiscountDetail

  • FTOS_BP_GetAvailableProductImage

  • FTOS_BP_GetAvailabilityFiltersOnProduct

  • FTOS_BP_GetProductType

  • FTOS_BP_GetAvailableProductFeatures

  • FTOS_BP_GetAvailableProductsExtra

  • FTOS_BP_GetProductDocuments

  • FTOS_BP_CalculatePMT

  • FTOS_BP_GetProductInterestCommissionList

  • FTOS_BP_GetProductInsuranceList

  • FTOS_BP_GetAvailableProductDiscounts