FintechOS Platform 22.1

May 6th, 2022

FintechOS 22.R2 is cloud based only. Starting with this version, only FintechOS cloud installations are supported.

This major FintechOS Platform release introduces important architecture and user experience improvements, as well as advanced configuration management features and security updates.

This is part of the FintechOS 22.R2 release. Please check the main release notes for more information.

Starting with 22.1, all client scripts (afterGenerate, fetch) are executed under the “use strict“ policy.

Breaking Changes

  • As a result of the Configuration Manager introduction, system configurations such as system parameters, API keys, or service credentials are no longer stored in the database. Customizations that read these settings directly from the database (e.g. via stored procedures) must be refactored accordingly.
  • The new FintechOS Identity Provider authentication layer requires all user accounts to have unique email addresses. User accounts that do not have a valid email address or that have duplicate email addresses will not be migrated to the new authentication provider.
  • The FintechOS Platform Identity Provider is not compatible with the existing APIs. A Legacy API with FintechOS Identity Provider Authentication has been developed to allow you to easily refactor existing API calls to work with the new identity provider.

What's New

Configuration Manager

System configurations are now stored in a secure and controlled environment based on a secrets management system. This protects sensitive data (such as system parameters, environment variables, services credentials, or API keys) and simplifies user access and environment management.

For more information, see the Administration Guide.

FintechOS Identity Provider

The FintechOS FintechOS Platform now uses the FintechOS Identity Provider as the default authentication layer for the FintechOS applications and services. The FintechOS Identity Provider is an OpenID compliant identity and access management solution.

All FintechOS Platform components, such as Innovation Studio, FintechOS Portal, or FintechOS APIs, are represented in the FintechOS Identity Provider as different clients of the same FintechOS realm.

The FintechOS Identity Provider supports identity brokering. This allows users to log in to FintechOS applications and services using external OpenID Connect compliant identity providers, such as Azure AD, Amazon Cognito, or Okta.

For more information, see the Administration Guide.

New APIs

OpenAPI 3.0 compliant APIs

A new set of OpenAPI 3.0 compliant APIs have been developed for the major CRUD operations and custom endpoints. A Swagger-based interface allows you to easily experiment and test the exposed APIs.

For more information, see the API Guide.

Digital Journey APIs

You can now expose digital journeys via APIs, allowing you to access digital journeys via custom applications, web applications, frontends, etc. For more information, see the API Guide.

Legacy APIs with new FintechOS Identity Provider authentication

A new set of APIs similar to the legacy APIs has been developed to provide compatibility with the FintechOS Identity Provider with minimum refactoring. For more information, see the Legacy API with FintechOS Identity Provider Authentication Reference.

Service Pipes

An improved routing and mediation engine has been developed to integrate the FintechOS Platform with external systems. A new integration framework allows easy implementation of routing and mediation logic using a variety of domain-specific languages (DSLs). For more information, see the Administration Guide and the Innovation Studio User Guide.


Observability allows the FintechOS Platform to generate log events and push those logs to various destinations such as system consoles, files, log servers, or Application Performance Management (APM) services. For more information, see the Administration Guide.

Logging Context

In addition to the actual log events, developers can track the context in which a log event occurred (machine name, portal profile, user context regional settings, thread ID, etc.), as well as define their own custom log context properties via server-side scripting. For more information, see the Innovation Studio User Guide.

To set up your custom log context properties, new Server SDK functions have been added.

Digital App menu section and App Data Form menu item

A Digital Apps menu section has been added to facilitate easy access to the new App Data Form menu item, used to create tabular forms for business solutions which require flexible navigation between steps, without the use of navigation buttons.

New Digital Asset Types

New digital asset types have been added for better clarity and understanding regarding package contents. For each digital asset type, the new description field provides details on its purpose and scope of use.

New Configuration Item Type: Entity Form Step

The granularity for the configuration items has been extended to the entity form step level. Now you can use a Digital App or Data Model digital asset to manage a form step while the parent form is owned by a different digital asset.

For more information about configuration items ownership, see the Innovation Studio User Guide.

New .XLSX Report Render Format

The option to generate .xlsx report document types (report render format) has been added when creating a Simple Grid or a Document report. For more information on reports, see the Innovation Studio User Guide.

Digital Journey Built-in Analytics

Analytics functionality has been added as a set of built-in indicators that offer insight on the performance and statistics of your digital journey. For more information on built-in analytics, see the Innovation Studio User Guide.

System Parameter Groups

The System Parameter Groups option now allows you to assign security roles to specific groups of system parameters. For more information on system parameter groups, see the Innovation Studio User Guide.

Restrict Access to Innovation Studio Based on User Roles

You can now use the StudioUser security role to allow or prevent users from logging in to Innovation Studio. For more information, see the Administration Guide.


Innovation Studio redesign

Innovation Studio now has a redesigned layout including repositioned buttons, streamlined grids for better visual clarity, a more intuitive navigation, and an improved menu design. The landing page provides quick access to the Marketplace, Academy, and Documentation websites. Innovation Studio also offers, with limited availability, contextual tool tips and a What's New section which highlights the main design improvements.

New system parameter to control visibility of PDF export tooltip

A new system parameter sys-enable-pdf-export-tooltip has been added to help control the visibility of the tooltip that is displayed for a PDF export with no PDF template configured.

Export grid for simple grid reports with stored procedure as data source

The export grid for simple grid reports with the data source as stored procedure now shows a similar grid as to other reports, except for the export data set option.

Fixed Issues

No. Summary Module
FSD-12013 Fixed the security roles area size in order to have a better view on the available records. Innovation Studio
FSD-11946 Fixed the scripts area so that, when it is checked out and displayed on full screen, it is shown in read-only mode. Innovation Studio
FSD-11952 The History button was not available for scripts that are released. Innovation Studio
FSD-11965 Setting a password that did not meet the password policy only returned a generic error message, without pointing to the password complexity policy. FintechOS Portal
#233, #544 Configuration data deployment could not be exported. Innovation Studio
n/a One-time-password timeout custom values were not taken into account and the default value was being used instead. FintechOS Portal
n/a Fixed an issue that caused the server.otp.sendOtp server SDK method to show an error when using the messageTemplateName parameter. FintechOS Portal
n/a The server.otp.sendOtp server SDK method did not recognize the otpTimeout parameter, unless all written in lowercase letters. FintechOS Portal
#102 When the optionSetItemName input parameter was not identified in the getOptionSetItemId function, the thrown error could not be caught by try {} catch {}. Innovation Studio
#76, #579 When trying to unlock a file that was locked by another user, an empty error message banner was displayed. Innovation Studio
FSD-12487 Values in the SearchId field were not displayed in view, although they were displayed in the Fetch designer preview mode. Innovation Studio
n/a Fixed an issue where the current version in HTML editors was not displayed in the list. Innovation Studio
n/a The History button was visible when creating or editing an item in the Code Blocks menu. Innovation Studio
FSD-11946 Fixed an issue that caused the UI editor to be uneditable while in windowed mode. Innovation Studio
FSD-11952 The History button was not available if the code was released / not checked out. Innovation Studio
FSD-11110 If virtual attributes were added as Allowed virtual attributes at form driven flow level, the package would not get imported. Innovation Studio
FSD-10750 When adding components in a digital asset, an entity extension that was not used in a form driven flow did not appear in the list. Innovation Studio
#1566 Fixed an issue where Custom User Journeys were not available for selection from drop-down. Innovation Studio