Pet Insurance Quote & Buy solution accelerates the deployment of a fully digital quote and buy journey for customers seeking to get insurance for their pets - cats and dogs, from their phone.

This solution integrates with different Northstar components, while focusing on the Pet Insurance niche. Insurers can use the solution right away, as opposed to starting a Pet Insurance Quote & Buy delivery business operation from scratch. More details about the available customizations can be found in the Product Configurations and Solution Configurations pages.

The cornerstone feature of the Pet Insurance Quote & Buy solution is the Mobile Journey which has the following properties: end-to-end digital experience, fully automated, self-service, white-labelled, created around the needs of pet owners. For more details, start from the Journey Walkthrough page.

In a nutshell, the Pet Insurance Quote & Buy accelerator package includes:

  • An adjustable demo insurance product configured for the Pet Insurance business vertical, containing 15 coverages and 3 levels of cover - Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

  • An adjustable collection of formulas and data sets for running rating and pricing calculations.

  • A mobile-ready journey that enables pet owners to get insurance for their pets - cats or dogs, (if eligible). The journey helps the broker to conveniently handle the quotation process and establish policies for the eligible SMEs. During the journey, a customer record, a quote, and a policy - with attached card or direct debit payment details are created. ​

  • A digital frontend configured for unauthenticated mobile users.

  • A user interface kit comprised of 17 screens that can be used as a template to further customize the journey's look, in accordance with the insurer's branding needs.

  • A Pet Insurance data model, extended from the Northstar Insurance Common Data Model.


The solution integrates with different Northstar components, as follows: