Data Model Description

If you want to help your customers find answers to their most frequently asked questions, you can use a predefined industry standard data model for a questions, such as the one available with Help Center, which you can further customize and tailor to your business needs.

The Help Center solution's data model was built based on the business entities created in FintechOS Studio. The main entity holds details about the frequently asked questions and stays at the center of the data model keeping the important business information, and a series of other entities are inter-connected in a logical manner, describing the entire business logic of the solution.

The frequently asked questions are the central object of this accelerator and they are stored in the Question entity, hereby considered the main entity of the data model. It contains detailed information about the actual question, the answer, its status, and its source.

Each question record is linked to a series of other records from entities that hold business-relevant data. The data model stores records about the question's business workflow, its approval status, and the votes it has received.


During the implementation phase of your project, you can extend the existing data model to fill your specific business needs.