Insurance Product Factory is an end-to-end solution that helps you in growing and managing your digital portfolio. Create new insurance products, modify, or retire insurance products. The solution enables you to keep your digital portfolio disciplined, accessible, and comprehensible, while solidly handling the different life cycles of all your insurance products.

In conjunction with other FintechOS capabilities, you can replicate your product data into the Insurance Product Factory solution. Once you finished the bulk importing of product data, you are free to use your product knowledge to decide the degree of similarity between the old and the new products, to maybe create hybrid products, and also you have tools in place to test your creations.

Insurance Product Factory helps you with shortening the time from formula to product design, since it provides access to your formulas and a testing functionality without leaving the context of your product.

The Insurance Product Factory is about creating insurance products, as well as managing the product portfolio. See details about these functionalities in the Creating New Insurance Product and Managing The Product Factory pages.

The Insurance Product Factory version 4.5.0 is supported by the Innovation Studio version 22.1 and newer.