Security Roles for Banking Product Factory

A security role is a set of privileges and levels of access to various actions/ functions within the FintechOS Platform. Read the Security Roles topic for detailed information.

Banking Product Factory has a predefined security role specific for banking-related business needs. Financial institutions can use the security roles to grant their employees access rights within its systems. Read the Users topic for information about associating security roles to users in FintechOS Studio.

You can also create new security roles to fit your financial institution's business needs.

Predefined Banking Product Factory Security Roles

Banking Product Factory comes with the following predefined security roles that grant specific access rights to the users associated with such a role to the FintechOS Platform's actions and functions:

  • Banking Product Admin - Users with this security role have read, insert, update and delete access rights to the banking product records within their organization. They can access and update all the entities related to the definition of banking products, and they can access all the banking menu items within the Product Factory menu.

If your user has more than one role, then your access rights are cumulative and you are granted the highest access right.

Read the following sections for detailed information about each security role's access rights to entities and endpoints within the FintechOS Platform: