FintechOS Studio

Develop, extend, and deploy customized fintech solutions.


User Guide

Detailed instructions for using FintechOS Studio.

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What's New

Service Pipes

Design integrations with a powerful framework that supports easy implementation of routing and mediation logic using a variety of domain-specific languages.


Track the context in which a log event occurred and define your own custom log context properties via server-side scripting

Built-in Analytics

Get insight into the performance and statistics of your digital journeys such as the success ratio, completion time, abandonment rate, or time spent on a specific step.

Feature Highlights

Evolutive Data Core

Design data models which are the basis of any customer journeys and apps you develop using the FintechOS technology. Explore entities, attributes and relationships and extend the data model to best suit your business needs.

Digital Journeys

Design steps and decision points which take the users throughout a process, providing simple, seamless and user-friendly customer journeys

Fintech Automation

Create hyper-personalized digital journeys and strategies to create tailored products, offers and communication to engage customers on their preferred touchpoint and provide relevant information to their needss, preferences and behavior

FintechOS Digital Journey Flows - Mock-Up, Form Driven and Custom

In this video, we'll take a look at a FintechOS digital journey - Which is essentially the visual representation of the path that the user takes in order to achieve their desired goal


From tabular reports to custom and complex and interactive analytic dashboards, have omni-channel data insights to deliver relevant information on demand accessed based on selected time-frame, inclusion / exclusion criteria and defined security roles

Digital Frontends

Streamline your business users experience with customized Digital Experience Portals via enriched dashboards and native analytics. Provide your customers with anonymous frontends with the click of a button on your web app and allow them to easily complete digital journeys without authentication

Extensive Security

Protect information from being mishandled by users by grating access to information based on business need to know. Define your organizational structure by creating business units, security roles and assigning users the appropriate security roles