Billing And Collection 2.4.0

August 5th, 2022

The 2.4.0 version of Billing and Collection is enriched with updates regarding broker payment returns, invoice generation, and ADDACS. The Billing and Collection flow is now adapted to the new features from the Customer 360 Account.

This is part of the FintechOS 22.S release. Please check the main release notes for more information.

What's New

Broker Payment Returns

With the 2.4.0 version of Billing & Collection, broker payments that are returned create an outgoing payment request with the beneficiary type and beneficiary category automatically filled in.

Learn more by accessing the Returning Incoming Payments page.

Invoice Generation Update

Starting now, for masterpolicies with the Direct Debit payment type, if the Reference Number for a mandate represents a Masterpolicy Number then the invoices generated include the installments from all the single policies within the specific master policy.

Read more by accessing the Direct Debit page.

ADDACS Improvements

The FTOS_PYMT_DIDE_ADDACS job is scheduled to perform status changes on the existing mandates, based on the unprocessed records from the buffer. The job stops running when the FTOS_PYMT_DIDEProcessor is set to SEPA type.

Learn more about the FTOS_PYMT_DIDE_ADDACS job by accessing the Flow Parameters and Scheduled Jobs page.