Using OCR Functionality

The OCR functionality accelerates the onboarding process. It allows the future customer to take a photo or upload their identity card to automatically fill in the necessary fields with the required information.

After installing the solution, make sure you configure the OCR Functionality.

Follow the below steps when using this option:

1. Click the OCR button from the Add Customer - Personal Data page. The OCR Processor page is displayed.

2. Click either the Upload File button or the Take a Photo button.

3. After the OCR process finishes, all the captured data from the ID card is added automatically into the Personal Data form. The Add Customer - Personal Data is displayed. You can add or change any additional information at this step.

4. Click the Next button. The Edit Customer - Personal Data Additional page opens. For additional information, see the Input Additional Personal Data step from the Onboarding Private Individuals page.