Managing Detailed Company Information

After the legal customer's account is created, additional details can be added or edited. To display the list with existing accounts, follow the steps below:

  1. Click Main menu > General > Legal Entities, and the Customers List page opens.

  2. Click the table headers to order the list of customers based on the desired field, or use the magnifying glass icon, to filter the list of customers based on a certain criteria.

  3. Double-click to view or edit a customer record.

Customer 360 for Legal Entities groups the customer data according to their purpose. Thus, you can:

  1. Define Profile Data

  2. Update Sales Information

  3. View Financial Info

  4. Define Product Portfolio

To edit company data, navigate to the relevant fields and update the desired values. Then, click either Save and close to return to the Customers List page, or Save and reload if you haven’t finished working with the company’s detailed view.