Connectors are simple data point connections to external Saas providers that are used to enrich internal customer data to help in onboarding and risk decision scenarios. API Connectors gather data from a collection of REST APIs with the purpose of merging them into a cloud-based data storage system. This process gives the possibility of filtering and transforming data into a proper format or structure for the purposes of querying and analysis.

FintechOS offers the possibility of accessing different databases with the purpose of moving around specific data using API connectors. They can be used but are not limited to banking or insurance business scenarios, such as customer identity verification in a loan origination operation, automatically fill-in customer data, data verification and so on. In addition, connectors can have a significant role in the SME or customer onboarding or lending processes by providing easy access to databases where the needed information is stored.

Experian is a credit bureau that collects and researches credit information in order to rate an applicant’s creditworthiness and their ability to pay back a debt.
The FintechOS Experian Connector aids financial institutions by accelerating and simplifying credit verification processes when enrolling new customers. Once integrated in a digital journey, the API connector can be used to search and retrieve the following data:

  • Commercial credit and risk information, including business, director or owner information and credit scores. For more details, see the Commercial Credit page.

  • Detailed credit information on UK limited companies including corporate structure, management information, shareholders, legal notices, fraud data and so on. For more details, see the Registered Company Credit page.

When accessed from a digital journey, the Experian Connector allows financial institutions to collect and share data from multiple databases, such as: personal information, loan account summaries, bankruptcies records, previous cred checks, and others. It can be further enhanced via FintechOS Studio adapting it to business requirements. The result is a fully functional and personalized searching tool that collects the needed information in a few steps.

The Experian Connector can be used to search for businesses located in the United Kinkdom. The information is retrieved from public records and trusted data partners that have contacted the applicant and access to Experian to use certain data has been given. These partners include money saving websites, publishers, and also surveys.

Business Pain Points

The Experian Connector is aimed at resolving some of the pain points when looking up addresses:

  • searching for credit information is time consuming

  • requires verified and updated information

  • little time to analyze the data found

  • manually inputting the information takes time and human errors may occur

Key features

Once integrated in a digital journey, the Experian Connector solves these pain points by offering a simple way to collect the needed data.

  • The information is vrified and up-to-date.

  • Easy to use. Financial institutions can easily add it to a digital journey and simplify onboarding processes or loan origination operations.

  • Time-efficient. The data no longer needs to be added manually.