Managing Automatic Invoice Payments

Core Banking identifies the invoices that are not paid on the day of payment specified in the agreement, using the Charge Not Paid Invoices service within the TPM Invoices (TPM) scheduled job. The system can automatically generate and process the payments for the invoices. The method of operating these payments depends on the setting of the ThirdPartyPaymentIsNet system parameter. The value of the parameter specifies whether Core Banking should generate one or two bank account transactions and payments for a third-party agreement invoice when the invoice's status is changed from Approved to Unpaid.


Depending on the Third Party Invoice transaction type's Real Time Process field's value, the transactions made on bank accounts are processed in real-time, when the transaction is approved, or at a later time, after being placed in a queue and taken for processing by a specialized scheduled job.

After automatically creating the payment records, Core Banking displays them for each invoice in the Invoice page's Payments section:

Each payment record in the list displays information about the payment number, payer's bank account name, transaction date, currency, payment amount, allocated amount, remaining payment amount, total payment amount, and status.

In the Payments section, you can search and open for viewing existing payment records, or delete payments in Draft status.

You can't edit any of the fields of a payment.
Any payment with a status different than Draft cannot be deleted