Product Factory System Parameters

The system parameters used by Banking Product Factory determine the behavior of all banking products, and also configures a few features used by Core Banking, when Core Banking is implemented along with Banking Product Factory.

Do not confuse the Banking Product Factory system parameters with the FintechOS system parameters, stored in the systemparameter and systemParameterOnPortalProfile entities!

Managing Banking Product Factory System Parameters

To manage the system parameters used by your FintechOS Banking Product Factory installation, follow these steps:

  1. In FintechOS Portal, click the main menu icon and expand the Product Factory menu.

  2. Under Banking Product Dictionaries, click Product Factory System Parameter menu item to open the Product Factory System Parameter page.

On the Product Factory System Parameter page, you can add new system parameters or search, edit, and delete existing ones.

You can insert, update, or delete records if you have the associated role of Banking Product Admin.
You can't delete parameters marked as Is System or edit anything else except their value.