Ecosystem Hub

FintechOS Ecosystem Hub offers access to a variety of connectors that you can use in your customer journeys. Use API connectors to connect to external APIs where you could for instance, use a credit reporting agency's API to automatically check the creditworthiness of an applicant.

External Services via Service Pipes

FintechOS Service Pipes are the integration layer of the FintechOS Platform. They use Apache Camel as a routing and mediation engine to integrate the FintechOS Platform with external systems. Apache Camel is an integration framework that allows easy implementation of routing and mediation logic using a variety of domain-specific languages (DSLs). Read more about this topic on the dedicated Call External Services via Service Pipes page.

Web API Client Libraries

Web API client libraries allow you to work with external APIs using proxy methods native to the FintechOS Platform development environment. Web API client libraries are generated automatically by FintechOS Studio from OpenAPI specification files supplied by the web service provider. Once generated, you can import the library into any server automation script that requires access to the API.

Some of the advantages of Web API client libraries are:

  • less code to write and maintain
  • simplified authorization and authentication
  • better code consistency and robustness

External APIs

External APIs allow you to access third party resources that are available through RESTful web services. In addition to defining a sequence of API calls, some of the External API's advanced features include:

  • Manage the API calls' paths and authentication in a centralized and secure mode, from the web.config file.
  • Rules for the execution sequence of the API calls, such as canceling subsequent calls in the sequence in case of failure or establishing dependencies where one call only executes after the successful completion of other calls.
  • Custom JavaScript code to be executed before or after a call.
  • Call timing configurations such as expiration time of the authentication token, retries on error, number of retries, or delays between retries.
  • Logging for the API calls' requests and responses.