Digital Experience

The Digital Experience encompasses a set of highly customizable components and features designed to build digital solutions for your business, and enrich your audience interaction and experience with your solutions. These components include customer journeys and digital frontends.

Customer Journeys

Customer journeys are typically built around a progression of steps that an user goes through to achieve a goal. The way the actor gets from one place to another in a steady stream, i.e. process steps is defined in a form driven flow. More advanced user experiences can be built by combining multiple flows in a digital journey.

Digital Journeys

FintechOS Digital Journeys are based on the Evolutive Data Core, which organizes, manages, and displays the various data collected in a business process. In FintechOS Studio, you can define how users interact with applications based on their needs and expectations to improve the customer journey and create a positive customer experience.

Form Driven Flows

Form driven flows provide you with the mechanisms to make seamless user experience across the entire digital journey. An ordered collection of components which address an entire need of a digital actor. It is a part of the FintechOS Digital Journey anatomy.

If properly created, they provide you with opportunities to address both your team’s and customers’ pain points. For more info, see Form Driven Flows.

Custom Flows

A custom flow is an ordered collection of components which address a singular need in the direction of componentization. It represents a business flow that can be the base for a digital journey, but it is not associated with an entity.

Differences between the Form Driven Flow, Custom Flow and Digital Journey

Feature Form Driven Flow Custom Flow Digital Journey
Associated to an entity Yes No Yes
Has steps Yes No Yes
Before and after actions Yes No By accessing the Form Driven Flow
Uses source code editor Yes Yes By accessing the Form Driven Flow
Uses buttons with endpoint Yes Yes By accessing the Form Driven Flow
Flow map Yes No By accessing the Form Driven Flow

Digital Journey Map




Accesses UI Designer Yes Yes By accessing the Form Driven Flow
Invoked Ad-hoc No Yes No

Uses mock-up steps




UI Designer

The built-in UI Designer enables FintechOS engineers to easily add HTML structures containing attributes, relations, or predefined UI elements without writing code, all from the user interface. For more info, see UI Designer.

Built-in Analytics

The digital journey analytics are a set of built-in indicators that offer insight on the performance and statistics of your digital journey. The data indicators calculate the success ratio of your digital journey, the number of Not Completed vs. Completed digital journeys, completion time, abandonment rate, average time spent on a specific step, etc. For more info, see Built-in Analytics.

Digital Frontends

FintechOS Studio enables you to define every interaction that your business has with your internal team as well as with the customers. Broadly defined, digital frontends represent your user experience.

The Digital Experience comprises the following sections: