HTML Widgets are custom components you can include in your Dashboards. With full control over the HTML and JavaScript code, you can fully customize the look, feel and function of HTML widgets. This allows you to expand your dashboards beyond the out-of-the-box features provided by PowerBI reports, shortcuts, entity views, or charts.

To create an HTML widget:

  1. In FintechOS Studio, go to Main Menu > Digital Experience > Digital Frontends > Widgets.
  2. Click Insert. The wizard configuration page opens by default on the General tab.
  3. In the Name field, provide the name of the HTML widget to be used by the system.
  4. In the Title field, provide the widget title to be displayed in the Digital Experience Portals.

  5. Click the Code tab.
  6. Provide the widget's HTML code in the Html tab and the JavaScript code in the JavaScript tab.
  7. Click Save and close.

The widget is saved and is listed the Widgets List page.

Now you can add the HTML widget to a dashboard (for more information, see Adding Widgets to Dashboards).