Server Automation Scripts

FintechOS Studio allows you to manage complex and secure automation and validation tasks by triggering the execution of custom scripts on the server side. Some of the main features of server automation scripts are:

  • Automation scripts are executed synchronously, which means that the execution happens in a single series. Subsequent operations cannot be performed until the current operations is finished.
  • They execute in the current transaction, immediately after they are triggered.
  • Automation scripts log errors if logging is enabled.
  • Reusable Code Blocks can be included in Server Automation Script Libraries and associated later to scripts.

In FintechOS Studio, you can create and use two types of automation scripts, as follows:

Event Triggered Automation Scripts

These automation scripts are automatically triggered when a CRUD event (Create, Read, Update, or Delete) occurs in the database.

A list of predefined methods and functions with corresponding code-snippets are available within a dedicated development library (automation script library), covering most common use cases and technical applicability scenarios.

On-Demand Automation Scripts

While event-triggered automation scripts are context-based and linked to a specific entity within the data model, on-demand automation scripts are context independent and available for being called from any object or context (APIs, user journeys, other automation scripts, etc.).

On-demand automation scripts can be triggered manually if they are attached to an action.  For usability purposes, you can organize actions performed on an entity into action groups.