Online and Mobile Banking 2.0

August 5th, 2022

This new release of Online and Mobile Banking brings forth new features that help users manage their accounts better, while security and performance have been improved for a better digital experience. It is more well-rounded to accommodate the needs of the users.

This version is fully compatible with FintechOS Platform v22.1.1.

This is part of the FintechOS 22.S release. Please check the main release notes for more information.

New Features

New UI

This version has a new look aligned with the other solutions produced by FintechOS. The end-user portal has new colors and widgets.

Credit Management

You can now view a loans widget that displays the upcoming payments on the solution’s homepage.

Lighthouse Core Banking Integration

The Online and Mobile Banking application contains the framework for the integration with Core Banking. Through synchronization, customer and accounts data from Core Banking are brought over and displayed in the Online and Mobile Banking interface.

Savings or Deposits Account

New banking products are now available in the Online and Mobile Banking application, the savings and deposits accounts. You can create the deposit or the saving account from the Online and Mobile Banking and it is activated instantly. You can choose between multiple deposit terms.

Redo a Payment

This functionality enables you to repeat a payment without having to insert the details again with the risk of mistyping.

Export Bank Statements

You can export your transactions history in the following digital formats: pdf, xlxs, cvs.


Performance Updates

The solution has been streamlined to assure a faster loading time for the end-user portal.

Security Updates

This version has increased security validations for both server and client to provide a safe environment for customers to perform banking operations.

Fixed Issues

  • After a bulk file was imported, the middle name and amount in the file header were not validated.
  • When making a payment, the system did not properly validate the beneficiary account.
  • After a new enrollment, when creating a signature rule, the system displayed an error that the rule already existed.
  • When searching for a customer, and clicking Create to add a new user, the system displayed a message instead of opening the Add new FTOS iB user page.
  • After inserting the OTP to send a message, the system displayed an error.
  • When adding a user, an error message was displayed that the user already exists with the inserted personal ID number.
  • When the maker or checker tried to add a new customer, an error message was displayed.
  • On the Homepage, the wrong total balance was calculated.
  • After closing the application, the Log in page was not displayed because the user was still logged in the system.
  • When executing a payment, the system displayed an error when trying to execute a payment instead of the OTP page.
  • When initiating an intra-bank other customer payment, the BIC/SWIFT was not automatically completed.
  • In the Transaction History table, the execution dates of payments were not displayed.