The FintechOS Operational Ledger solution is a module that enables companies to effectively perform financial transactions and to gather the specific accounting information needed for ledger reports and other financial statements.

All the features in Operational Ledger are built using the capabilities of FintechOS Studio, and you can access its menus when logged in FintechOS Portal.

Operational Ledger comes with a transaction accounting model that reads information from the transaction and displays it in the right fields. It allows you to register transactions, store and organize financial information which is then used in the company’s statements, for the creation of a balance or other operations. The double-entry system keeps the data organized for further reports and documents. You can also search for journal entries. Operational Ledger logs, along with a company’s financial transactions, specific details that build ledger entries, allowing you to aggregate financial data in a single source of truth for your analysis, reports, or financial statements.

The diagram below exhibits the main features of Operational Ledger, along with a series of configurations used to automate the accounting processes performed by the system. You can use the Operational Ledger along with Core Banking to access the transaction records generated there.