This version is compatible with HPFI v22.1. The supported operating system is Microsoft Windows 10. The supported browser is Google Chrome.


Download the package from the Marketplace.

Install and configure:

  • Standard FintechOS infrasturcture (with B2CPortal, B2CProxy and Jobserver)
  • Co-browsing Processor. Install the syspack SySDigitalSolutionPackages and install it to have the processor.


Once you downloaded the package Help, unzip the package. It contains the following set-up:

  • prereq
  • solution (the solution with the templates for the B2C Portal, containing the digital assets)

    There are two digital assets named FAQ-DM and FAQ-SDK.

  • data-model
  • additional-files (the library with custom controls; the custom files and the report document templates)
  • default-products (the banking products)
  • reset (it contains SQL procedures to delete records from the database)
  • an installation guide.

1 Install the Solution

  1. Import the packages using Digital Solutions Packages found within the solution folder.
  2. Add the latest syspackdeployer in the solution folder, edit the installer and run it in admin mode.

2 Set up the Additional Files

  1. Copy or upload the custom folder in the B2CPortal or Portal folder, depending on your needs.
  2. Add the keys from keys-for-poral file in the web.config of the Portal and change it with your values.
  3. Add the keys needed for the Cognitive Processors and in the web.config of the B2CPortal or Portal, depending on your needs.
  4. Restart the application pools/services for B2CPortal and B2CProxy.