Create Insurance Products

With Insurance Product Factory, you can create an unlimited number of insurance products by configuring insurance types, product coverages, perils, premiums, fees, conditions; and also by specifying the coverage, conditions for generating invoices, limit the availability of your products and more. You can configure a product coverage to have its own charging and underwriting structure. A product can include multiple coverages, with different configurations.

This solution uses FintechOS Business Formulas to help you reduce completion time for premium amount calculations, insurance peril scoring and underwriting evaluations, or for testing different product prices. For more details, consult the Insurance Business Formulas section, from the Managing The Product Factory page.

Once built, your products can be edited, versioned, cloned, multiplied. When activated, a product becomes digital journey-ready, so you can embed it into different digital journeys and expose it to your potential customers, through different digital touchpoints, channels, or portals.