Core Banking

Control the major banking processes and configurations that support your banking products, such as limits, collateral, groups, or contracts.

* The information presented here also applies to all minor releases of Core Banking, v3.2.x, if applicable.


User Guide

Detailed instructions for using Core Banking.

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Developer Guide

Custom endpoints for integrating Core Banking with other systems.


Feature Highlights


What is Core Banking, how it works, and what are its uses.

Security Roles

Learn about the security roles that come along with your Core Banking package.


Control your exposure to various risk factors affecting your loans.

Collateral Management

It is the method of granting, verifying and managing collateral transactions.

Banking Contracts

Read about contracts and how they behave in Core Banking.

Secured or Unsecured Term Loan

Follow step by step instructions on how to create term loan contracts in Core Banking.