Product Hierarchy

If your financial institution wants to classify its banking products in a hierarchy, you can build the hierarchy using the Banking Product Hierarchy menu.

You can use the Product Class and Product Subclass to categorize your major banking products. Also, you may use the Product Categories and Product Subcategories to refine your classification.

You can customize the existing product hierarchy according to your financial institution's needs. Follow the steps below to add a new product class (for example, Retail, Corporate, etc), subclass (for example, authenticated, unauthenticated, teenagers/ students, etc), category (for example, saving, investing, etc) or subcategory (for example, savings account, term deposit, direct equity, etc).


There are two possible options for building the product hierarchy:

  • expand the Banking Product Hierarchy menu and configure each of the elements enumerated above with its respective menu or

  • start building the banking product and configure the hierarchy in the banking product's page > Main Info tab.