Banks can offer discounts of any nature for any banking product. You can either select an existing discount or create a new one.

In the main menu, click Product Factory > Banking Product Dimension > Discounts, and the Discounts list page opens.

Here you can add a new discount or search, edit, export and delete existing ones.

Adding Discounts

  1. To add a new discount, click Insert and fill in the following fields:

    • Name: Insert the appropriate name for the discount.

    • Applied to dimension: Select one of the dimensions: Interest, Commission or Insurance.

  2. Click the Save and Reload button.

  3. If you selected the Interest, then fill in the following:

    • Interest Type: Select one type from the list.
    • Interest: Select the exact interest configured in the Interests menu.

  1. If you selected the Commission, then fill in the following:

    • Commission Type: Select one type from the list.

    • Commission: Select the exact commission configured in the Commissions menu.

  2. If you selected the Insurance, then fill in the following:

    • Insurance Class: Select one from the list.
    • Insurance: Select the exact insurance configured in the Insurance menu.

    The Banking Products section, displayed after saving the discount, shows the products where the discount is applied. If it is empty, there are no banking products associated.

  3. Click the Save and Close button.