Managing Banking Products

The Banking Product Factory allows you to create, adjust and maintain banking products such as bank accounts, term and mortgage loans, overdrafts, deposits, cards, and credit cards.

Banking Product Factory enables you to manage banking products via the user interface or via integration through APIs. For information about the available endpoints, please visit the Banking Product Factory Developer Guide.
For information about managing banking products via the user interface, continue reading this page.

Below you can see how to manage these banking products and how to change their statuses through their life cycle.

  1. In the main menu, click Product Factory > Banking Product Factory, and the Banking Products List page opens.
  2. On the Banking Products List page, you can create a new banking product, edit an existing banking product from the list by double-clicking it, delete, export or find a product.
  3. Once you have created the banking product, you can duplicate it, create a new version, or open the banking product workflow transition list.


For banking products in Active status, you can't change any of their related entities (such as features, discounts, product guarantee, interest or commission item, formula, test scenario, product covenant, product disbursement, product availability item filter). To change any of the product's related entities, create a new version of the banking product record.

Changing Banking Products Statuses

You can manage a banking product's life cycle by changing its status from the top left corner of the screen.

The product status transitions are illustrated below:

  • Every product version starts in Draft status and must go through an approval process before going live.

  • Once a product is Approved, its settings can no longer be modified.

  • If you want to update an approved product, you must create a new product version.

  • When you create a new product version, the current version is retired. The new version has to be approved before you start using it. If it is not approved, then the initial version can still be used.

  • Only one version of a product can be live at one time.