Formula Parameter Mapping

After defining a formula, as by the configurations in Define Formula Expressions, create the mapping needed for the use of the formula. To do so:

  1. Open FintechOS Studio, open the main menu, select Business Formulas, select Formula Parameters Mapping.
  2. Select Insert to add a new one, or Delete to erase a mapping.
  3. To create a new one, fill in the following:

    • Data Mapping Type:
      • formula
      • insurance type.
    • Master Entity: Choose the corresponding entity from where the user wishes to get the data.
      Be sure to select the same entity as the entity for the formula created before.
    • Operation Name: Choose the formula from the list.
    • Name: Insert a name for the mapping.
  4. Click Save and reload.
  5. Click Input to map the input to the fields from the entity.
  6. Click Save and reload.
  7. Select the Output tab to map the results from the formula to the fields from the account.
  8. Click Save and Reload.