FintechOS 22

October 22, 2021

The FintechOS 22 release is now available, bringing yet another bundle of products and solutions to enable clients in their digitalization journey. The current release packs a major version of Core Digital Processing Automation Platform, also known as Core DPA Platform. In addition, it brings the latest versions of digital solutions part of Lighthouse and Northstar.

Up until now, we've been referring to the whole package which contains Innovation Studio, the Portal, JobServer and all other capabilities, as the FintechOS Platform. We are now changing this name to Core Digital Processing Automation Platform or Core DPA Platform in short. This is to bring clarity on the products and solutions that FintechOS builds.

Below you can find a short description of the new capabilities, follow the dedicated links to read extended release notes for each product.

Core DPA Platform

The FintechOS 22 release brings a new version of Core DPA Platform v21.2, containing Configuration Management, a new way of creating a context for your digital journeys, while also featuring an improved packaging and export process. Configuration Management lets you control the ownership, versioning, deployment and import/export of all components that fulfill a specific business need (such as a digital journey).

A new default security role has been implemented, namely the Release Manager role. Users with this role are able to handle Project Deployment Packages and to lock/unlock digital assets.

When you configure a deployment package it is now possible to also include scheduled jobs, allowing them to be imported in other environments.

Several more feature, performance and security improvements were made on this 21.2 version of Core DPA Platform. Read more about these in the dedicated release notes.


This major release of Core Banking v3.0 aims to enhance the contract processing capabilities of the system. It comes with improvements regarding loan classification, mass penalty interest, and some post-early repayment event processing changes targeted to automate the updates needed at the contract level. Our team also spent a great amount of time updating the Core Banking APIs so that you may benefit from more diverse return information. In case you missed it, check out the improvements announced with our September release: Core Banking now has revolving limits, limits for individual customers, penalty interest calculation including grace period, payment schedule for any number of days, and future & past due installments reports which are also accessible through API calls. Read more about the new capabilities in the Core Banking release notes.

Corporate-specific features, such as credit facility management, are now available via the Core Banking Corporate 21.1.1001 package, which must be installed on top of the Core Banking 21.1.1001 package.

Apart from changes needed to support the Core Banking improvements just released, Banking Product Factory v3.0 was enriched with the FTOS_BP_GetBankingProductByCode API, allowing you to fetch the information of a banking product based on its code. Read more about the new capabilities in the Banking Product Factory release notes.

Operational Ledger v3.0 now comes packaged using the new Configuration Management capability of Core DPA Platform. Read more about the new capabilities in the Operational Ledger release notes.


The Insurance Product Factory v4.1 solution includes a Premium Amount API for running formulas and getting premium tariffs for each item attached to an insurance product. A new configuration, available at product level allows for policy adjustments through versioning. Read more about the new capabilities in the dedicated release notes.

Core Insurance Master grows to v2.0. This is the helper for all insurance solutions, managing their major behaviors. Version 2.0 has a new menu item - Bank Holidays, that allows you to add non-working days for halting the generation of payment requests. Read more about it here.

The Billing and Collection v2.0 solution comes with two new collections methods - direct debit and broker collection. The solution includes diverse automation options from invoice generation, payments allocation, managing payment requests coming from different sources or systems, managing outgoing payment allocation, sending instructions for direct debit collection and keeping track of the direct debit mandates activated in the system. Read more about the new capabilities here.

The Reinsurance Contract solution is out with v1.0, to complement the Product Factory - for some of your products that might need reinsurance! Reinsurance Contract, makes it easier for you to manage your portfolio of reinsurance contracts. Read more here.

We're bringing you the Core Policy Admin v3.0, which includes all capabilities of the Policy Admin, available both for Property and Casualty and Life and Health lines of business. Core Policy Admin comes with new features, such as the option to set mid-term adjustments, a master policy contract, and policy versioning. Read more about Core Policy Admin in the dedicated release notes.

In addition, the Core Claims Admin package v2.0 has undergone the same process of transformation into Core Claims Admin, a package that includes features for both Property and Casualty and Life and Health lines of business. Core Claims Admin comes with assisted First Notification of Loss (FNOL), claim payment and rejection, and settlement management. Read more about Core Claims Admin in the dedicated release notes.

We are also releasing the Life and Health v1.0 module for offering your customers personalized insurance offers and the possibility to contract a policy. Read more about Life and Health in the dedicated release notes.

The v1.1 version of Proposal Configurator now supports menu changes in Innovation Studio, and has found a place under the Product Factory menu item.