Configure SMTP Server

In the FintechOS Platform it is possible to have receive notifications for operations. This is done by ticking the Send Notification On Error check box when you create a step. For this to properly function, the email settings need to be configured in the mail.config file, as follows:

  • Navigate to the JobServer folder inside the FintechOS Platform installation folder (for example: C:\FintechOS\MyProject\JobServer). Please note that the JobServer folder is in the folder with the name of your project.

  • Open the mail.config file with a text editor (such as Notepad++). It needs to contain the following:

  • Fill in the parameters, as follows:

    • <server>FintechServer</server> - the server from which FintechOS operates

    • <port>587</port> - the port corresponding to the server

    • <auth>true</auth> - set the value to true if the authentication requires username and password

    • <user></user> - the username corresponding to the server

    • <password>insertPasswordHere</password> - the password of the provided user

    • <from></from> - the email address which appears in the From field

    • <to></to> - the email address to send the notification to

    • <cc></cc> - optional; an additional address to send the notification to

  • Save and close the mail.config file.