View Standing Orders

Customer's set automatic payments are displayed in the Standing Orders tab. Automatic payments are fixed amounts set by an account holder to be withdrawn by the bank at a specific date to pay their recurring expenses.

By default, the active records are displayed but the inactive ones can also be viewed by changing the status filter to Inactive. To view additional information, double-click on a record. The following information is displayed:

  • Status: The status of the standing orders records: active or inactive.

  • IBAN Payer: The IBAN account number from which the automatic payment is made.

  • Amount: The amount set to be withdrawn from account.

  • IBAN Beneficiary: IBAN account number of the payment receiver.

  • Currency: The currency of the account.

  • Payment Date: The automatic payment date set by the customer.

  • Frequency: The frequency of the recurring payments: One Time, Daily, Monthly or Yearly.

  • End Date: The end of the automatic payment.

  • External ID: The record external ID.