View Direct Debit

The Direct Debit tab displays the customer's direct debits set on their account. Direct debit are financial transactions that allow for certain funds to be withdrawn from the a person's account. For example, customer can set for some bills to be paid through direct payment.

By default, the active records are displayed but the inactive ones can also be viewed by changing the status filter to Inactive. To view additional information, double-click on a record. Depending on the record selected, certain tabs are displayed.

  • Status: The status of the standing orders records: active or inactive.

  • Beneficiary: The name of the person/ company that receives the amount through direct debit.

  • Start Date: The start date of the direct debit transaction.

  • IBAN Beneficiary: IBAN account number of the payment receiver.

  • End Date: The end of the direct debit transaction.

  • IBAN Payer: The IBAN account number from which the direct debit transaction is made.

  • Max Amount: The maximum amount that can be withdrawn from account.

  • External ID: The record external ID.