Configure DNT Question Answers

In this section, you can configure the answers for the DNT questions created earlier, based on which the fitting cards are displayed. The DNT Answers represents the proper options which are used for offer calculations. This means that the registered answer has an impact on the premium amount calculation displayed for each insurance offer.

  1. Go to Main Menu > Product Factory > Proposal Configurator > DNT Question Answers.

  2. Click the Insert button on the top right to insert a new DNT answer.

  3. Fill out the following fields.

    • Name: Input the DNT question answer name;

    • DNT Question: Input the correlated DNT question for which the answer is available;

    • Code: Input a specific code for the DNT question answer;

    • Description: Input a description for the DNT answer;

    • Technical Description: Input a technical description for the DNT answer;

    • Is Default: If checked, this answer is taken as the default answer.

  4. Click Save and Close. The answer is listed in the DNT Question Answers list.