Automatically Renew a Master Policy

A renewal in insurance is the continuation of a coverage for a specified period. For the Masterpolicy a series of successive developments are planned to be made in order to provide the capability to renew all policies that are linked to a Masterpolicy, within one action. There are several ways to renew a contract, for example, to automatically generate an offer for renewal or generate for example a new policy, prior to the expiry date of the existing one.

As a principle, the Masterpolicy is automatically renewed according to the received renewal configurations in order to continue providing coverage for the insured. A renewal offer for the Masterpolicy and the linked policies is issued, once the insured period for the renewed Masterpolicy has passed.

The Main Product (identified through Quote Config ID) + Renewal Type (from Gen Master Policy API if available) defines the renewal configurations to be applied for a specific Masterpolicy.

The Masterpolicies are subjected to the automatic renewal process taking into consideration the renewal configurations available at main product level: renewing policy, renewal validity, renewal tariff and number of days before renewal. Depending on the option in the Renewal Type, a certain Masterpolicy renewal process is triggered.

As a first step for the Masterpolicy renewal, a method of issuing the data needed for the Renewal Offer (based on existing policy data) has been rolled out.

As such for each policy under a masterpolicy, distinct JSON objects are created containing info about the each renewed policy and tariff calculated adequately (same/actual tariff).


After a Mastepolicy renewal each Mastepolicy renewal policy has the Masterpolicy number filled in. The same behavior applies for the related policies, related to renewed policies. Each renewal Masterpolicy only contains policies that had been renewed.