Install Insurance Product Factory

Insurance Product Factory 4.6.0 is part of the Insurance Launch 4.6.0 package. Follow the instructions below to install and configure Insurance Launch 4.6.0. This is the first package to be installed in the entire insurance suite.


Before installing Insurance Launch 4.6.0, make sure the following are already installed:

  • FintechOS Platform v22.1.4

  • SySDigitalSolutionPackages

Installation Steps

  1. Download the Insurance Launch 4.6.0 package from Release Hub.

  2. Unzip your solution package .zip archive file. Identify the 01 DeploymentPackages folder.

  3. Locate the FtosSysPkgDeployer folder in the FintechOS installation kit (the path is <unzipped_install_archive>\Tools\FtosSysPkgDeployer). You need it to install the SySDigitalSolutionPackages.

  4. Select and copy the FtosSysPkgDeployer folder next to the 01 DeploymentPackages folder.

  5. Create the .bat file needed for installation and save it next to the FtosSysPkgDeployer folder. Add the following script in the .bat file.

    CD /D %~dp0
    "%~dp0\FtosSysPkgDeployer\FtosSysPkgDeployer.exe" -i -a -s "StudioLink" -u AdminStudioUser -p user_password -z DataBaseServer -v DB_user -k DB_user_password -d "TheNameOfTheDataBase" -r "%~dp0\01 DeploymentPackages\*.zip"
  6. Execute the .bat file to start the installation.

Post-Installation Setup

After installing perform the following configurations:

  1. Modify the app-settings Studio Vault key by adding the .xls value to the FileUploadWhiteList key:

    "FileUploadWhiteList": ".pdf,.doc,.docx,.els,.jpg,.jpeg,.xlsx,.dll,.ppt,.pptx,.txt,.png,.ttf,.xml,.xls",

If you decide to work with our demo products settings, download the IPF Demo Products file and follow the same installation steps as for Insurance Launch 4.6.0.