Bank Account Transaction Queue

Core Banking processes transactions made on bank accounts in real-time, when the transaction is approved, or at a later time, after placing the transactions in a queue and being taken for processing by a specialized scheduled job. The real-time processing depends on the Real Time Process checkbox being selected or not at every transaction type's level:

Each time a transaction is performed on a bank account, the system verifies its transaction type's Real Time Process field. If the value is True, then the transaction is processed right away. If the value is False, then the transaction is inserted as a record in the BankAccountTransactionQueue entity, with the isProcessed attribute set to False and isWithError set to False. The Bank Account Transaction Queue Processing scheduled job runs every 1 minute, taking the top 10 records from the entity with the attribute isProcessed = False, and processing the transactions. Any errors encountered on processing are logged in the errorMessage attribute. The Bank Account Transaction Queue Cleanup scheduled job runs once each night and cleans up the already processed transaction records with isWithError = False.

You can view the transactions within the queue if you have the Loan Admin Officer security role.

To view the bank account transactions within the queue, follow these steps:

  1. In FintechOS Portal, click the main menu icon and expand the Admin Configurations menu.

  2. Click the Bank Account Transaction Queue menu to open the Bank Account Transaction Queue page.

Here you can view all the bank account level transactions that were placed in the queue, no matter their processing status. The columns of the table contain the following information:

  • Contract No - The contract on which the transaction was performed.

  • Customer Name - The name of the customer on whose contract the transaction was performed.

  • Event Date - The date when the transaction event occured.

  • Event Type - The type of the transaction event.

  • Event No - The number of the transaction event.

  • Event Amount - The amount of the transaction event.

  • Is Processed - The checkbox specifies whether the transaction was already processed by the Bank Account Transaction Queue Processing scheduled job or not.

  • Is With Error -The checkbox specifies whether there was an error when processing the transaction or not.

  • Error Message - The text of the error encountered when processing the job if such an error was encountered during processing.

On the Bank Account Transaction Queue page, you can search for a specific transaction by filling in any or all the column headers of the displayed records list.