Action Step

This feature makes it possible to trigger an action created in Form Actions and adding it to its own step. It looks like the default step without an UI.

  1. From the main menu, select Digital Experience > Customer Journeys > Form Driven Flows.
  2. Select the Form Driven Flow you wish to edit by adding an action to one of its steps.
  3. After opening the form driven flow, click Steps to add a new step. For more information, see Add and Configure Steps.
  4. Click Insert and fill in the name of the step, display name and for Type from the Option set select the Action.

  5. Click Save and reload. The General page will open.
  6. Fill in the fields to configure the Flow Control, Advanced, Security Roles and Form Actions. They behave as for a default step.
  7. Click Save and reload.
  8. Add the proper security roles for this step by clicking Insert and choosing one of the security roles. For more details, see Security Roles. Click Save and close. Repeat for as many steps as needed.